Allakos Inc.

Allakos Inc. is a privately held, product-focused biotechnology company developing first-in-class antibody-based therapeutics to treat diseases in which dysregulation of the T-helper type 2 (Th2) immune response plays a key role in pathology, including allergic disease, inflammation and diseases characterized by excess production of inflammatory cells. Allakos has generated a preclinical pipeline of novel antibodies targeting cell types implicated in allergic and inflammatory responses, which it intends to advance to clinical proof-of-concept.

Scientific rationale


Excessive production or activation of inflammatory cells has been implicated in the pathology of multiple chronic and severe allergic diseases including asthma, food allergy and other respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders. Our therapeutic approach is based on selective targeting of the key pathological cell types in such diseases using monoclonal antibodies.

Antibodies have been identified that target a cell-surface molecule selectively present on certain key inflammatory cell types. It is believed that targeting this receptor can play an important role in modulating the allergic response.

Potential therapeutic advantages

Antibody-based therapies provide the opportunity for more selective targeting of pathways involved in allergic responses than anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids. An antibody to IgE (omalizumab) is an approved therapy in allergic asthma. The Allakos cell-targeting antibodies provide potential for greater efficacy in broader patient populations than approaches targeting IgE or soluble cytokines.

  • Targeting of multiple inflammatory cell types aims to provide enhanced efficacy.
  • Unique mechanism-of-action provides differentiated product opportunities.
  • Novel inhibitory activity provides opportunities in broad patient populations.